Week Notes #87: Links Worth Clicking

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


Shop My Wardrobe
I'm putting a bunch of this stuff on eBay soon; if you want something, grab it now.

A More Eco-Friendly Way Of Living
Seven painless and inexpensive ways to a live more eco-friendly life.

Crispy Curry Garlic Fries
Mmm, I need these for lunch!

Social Media Influencers and The Murky Ethics Of The Fashion They Promote
Unfortunately, influencers are choosing money over morals and ethics.

RIP Instagram
Instagram is was about sharing a photograph to capture a moment. Now Instagram is trying to be everything to everyone.

10 Must Read Books For February
Stories of migration, immigration and conflict.

What happens when a woman wears the same top twice?
"A man who wears the same thing every day = practical, serious, no time for distractions, while a woman who wears the same thing every day = lazy, unstylish, pregnant."

When Does Minimalism Become Unhealthy?
A great video on minimalism as to why putting people down for not being "minimalist enough" is alienating and judgemental.

5 Scarf Tutorial
If you're looking for ways to refresh your wardrobe, this tutorial on tying a scarf will add a little extra to your outfits.t

Free Hugs Lookbook
The cutest most adorable lookbook you'll ever see. Brace yourself: so fluffy, much wow, such cute.

Let's Talk About Money
"When you look on Instagram, people in fashion now seem to have new clothes and handbags every single day."


Hashtag Authentic
A new podcast by Sara Tasker and there are already three episodes to listen to!


The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight