Week Notes #88: Links Worth Clicking

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


OMCH launched this Instagram tag to create a community for sharing what minimalism means.

Blogging, Jealousy, and Getting Over It
A poignant post and essential reading for anyone who works online.

Black, British, and Blogging
Kristabel discussed the lack of diversity in blogging - a very important topic.

A Capsule Jewellery Collection
Covering all the fundamentals for your daily style.

Vintage Clothing
"most of today’s clothing won’t live long enough to be ‘vintage."

15 Must-Read Books For March
I always love Flavorwire's book selection.

By Veryan
The new SS17 collection has arrived and this dress has caught my eye.

Why We Need Creative Adventures
The importance of learning through play and adventure.

Minimalism: another boring product wealthy people can buy?
Why do people who hate minimalism feel the need to write articles trying to convince everyone else should hate it too?

'Nasty': A Feminist History
The word that has become a rallying cry.

A Minimalist Closet On Display at the Met
Sara Berman's closet and all its contents preserved after Berman passed away in 2004.


The 5-Step Method For Decluttering by Sophie Davies
A no-nonsense, straight-talking guide for decluttering your home.


Storyville: Killing For Love
A compelling murder mystery, fuelled by a passionate young love affair between Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering.

Simon Amstell asks us, in 50 years how we will feel about the way we treated animals?