Week Notes #89: Links Worth Clicking

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


International Shipping With Everlane
From 10-16th you can shop internationally with Everlane!

Multi Strand Clasp
If you love layering your jewellery but hate the tangles, this is for you.

What If All I Want Is A Mediocre Life?
"when I lie on my deathbed I will never regret having just been me"

Minimal + Modern
Interior design and home decor inspiration.

Letting Go Of Relationships That No Longer Serve You
"not all relationships are meant to last forever; some are only meant to last a season"

The F-rating
IMDB adds an 'F-rating' to help identify feminist friendly movies.

Minimal Geometric Jewellery
Who said minimalism has to be boring?

5 Misconceptions About Food
If you're someone who is convinced carbs make you fat, please do us all a favour and read this.

People don't want to buy more stuff
Next's 'boss of fashion' says they're losing sales due to a "generational shift away from owning more stuff."

A Home is Meant to Be Lived In, Not Looked At
Personally I like my home to look ready to have a photograph taken but yours doesn't have to be.

The surprising things no one tells you about freelancing
Some really great advice for freelancers.

A Practical Guide to Simplifying Your Meals
Intentional eating is the best kind of eating.

20 Ways to Savor Springtime
Things to do to get the most out of this season.

Is Ethical Clothing Expensive?
Has the rise of fast fashion caused us to lose our sense of perspective, and our benchmark for what is expensive? I think so.

Finance Tips
Money advice worth knowing sooner rather than later.

Is Online Shopping Better For The Environment?
Online shopping can have a positive impact on the environment but it's not always the case.


Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body Sara Pascoe