Week Notes #91: Links Worth Clicking

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


The Art of Enough
How consuming less can help you enjoy life more.

10 Ways to Feel Less Busy
You can’t do it all.

Fast Beauty
Cosmetics companies are taking a cue from fast fashion to find success.

Turn Off Your Notifications
We moan about digital distractions yet we allow our device to beep or buzz whenever someone else decides it should.

Make-up Free For 40 Days
Leah shares how it made her feel giving make-up for for lent.

There is No Such Thing as Perfect
"I was buying into the minimalist’s ideal that you need to have only one or two of any particular item, and that it must be “classic,” and that you’ll need to wear it for at least five years, or “forever”."

The Rise Of The Micro Bloggers
I'm not convinced but here's to hoping!

Lessons In Blogging
A few notes on things you'll learn (sooner or later) as a blogger.

We’re Living In The Cult Of Cruel
It’s easy to be cruel — the work is in being kind.

Is Minimalism The Lifestyle Of The Future?
We are moving towards a future in which owning less is more accepted.

Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal
An interesting and revealing (but tough) read.

You’ve Never Seen True Cyan Before
It's really beautiful.

Employers Can Force Women To Wear High Heels
This is sickening.