Teas For Self-Care

6 Teas For Self-Care

The act of self-care is about identifying our issues, acknowledging them, and taking care of ourselves by making conscious decisions and changes that influence our future wellbeing for the better. Although self-care is often misrepresented as shallow acts of self-indulgence there is a lot to be said about these simple luxuries.

While making deliberate self-initiated changes to break unhealthy habits will improve our wellbeing in the long term, acts of self-care that have short term benefits are just as important for the here and now; simple little habits that reap comforting rewards and make us feel better in the moment.

The routine of boiling water, steeping loose leaf tea, and slowly drinking a freshly brewed cup has a soothing effect that calms the mind; this ritual encourages us to slow down and relax, lifting our mood, helping us to unwind or even kickstart our day.

Fresh Mint Tea

Wash and tear up fresh mint leaves, and steep in boiling water for several minutes to produce a refreshing drink that will boost your mood and overall health, improve digestion, and relax your body and mind. Easy to make and beautiful to drink.

6 Teas For Self-Care

Whittard Rose Buds

A delicate and soft blend with a fragrant and floral taste. The velvety rosebuds in this herbal infusion create a sweet and refreshing tea with therapeutic properties. Rose tea is packed with antioxidants which give the body a boost helping to treat emotional symptoms especially depression, grief, and anxiety.

6 Teas For Self-Care

Newby Teas Lavender Dream

A refreshing and floral green tea with lavender and lemongrass making it the ideal blend to drink right before bed. Sip it slowly while you reflect on your day and you’ll find it helps clear your mind and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

6 Teas For Self-Care

T2 White Jasmine

Strong, sweet, and fragrant with and earthy flavour and hints of sugarcane. It’s a delicate white tea with a unique taste helping with stress relief and intestinal discomfort. If you’re restless and feeling anxious, a cup of White Jasmine can help bring clarity and restore peace to your day.

6 Teas For Self-Care

Newby Teas Black Tropical

A fruity black tea blend with coconut, papaya, mango, orange, and passionfruit. This tea produces a spicy cup, which is ideal for drinking as a morning pick-me-up. The fresh zingy flavour will help kickstart your day with its uplifting and bright taste.

6 Teas For Self-Care

Whittard Lemon & Ginger

This bright tea featuring lemongrass, liquorice, and spearmint has a real citrus kick that’s invigorating and soothing. It’s great for treating the first signs of a cold (particularly if you add a few slices of fresh ginger) or as a simple palate cleanser. It’s a refreshing tea that provides tranquility on a gloomy day.

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6 Teas For Self-Care