Week Notes #93: Links Worth Clicking

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


A Brief Guide To Living Better
A short and sweet brief guide to simpler living.

13 Ways To Simplify Your Life
Simple ways to live with less.

We Can Do Better Than #GirlBoss
Using terms like "girl boss" belittles the work women do, what's worse is that some women think it's empowering.

Giving Kids Experiences Instead Of Buying Stuff
They still buy stuff it's just related to their hobby of kayaking; what's the difference?

Keep It Cosy: Spring Hygge
The cosiness and comfort of hygge isn't restricted to the winter months, you can enjoy it in spring too.

How To Help Small Businesses As A Blogger
Independent businesses can only survive if we support them without asking for freebies.

Ethical Shopping Is Nearly Impossible
Nobody said it was easy but it's certainly possible.

How To Organise Your Files Effectively
Excellent tips for keeping your digital life in order.

Politicians in Denmark are going vegan
Both the Netherlands and Sweden have both updated their dietary guidelines to include the environmental benefits of plant-based diets.

Asos and Pull & Bear are in trouble for listing a size 10 as 'large'
It's disappointing to see such a small selection of sizes but implying a size 10/large "makes thin people feel fat" is really toxic. We need to stop placing value in the labels on our clothing.

Vegetable Canvas
Beautiful acrylic painted vegetables.

Could you live with just three toiletries?
I don't think I could.