Summer Wardrobe Additions

Summer Wardrobe Additions

I love being outdoors in the sunshine, going on day trips, spending time with friends; everything is better when the sun is shining, right? Not if you're not dressed appropriately. What I've really struggled with in the past is my summer wardrobe. Up until this year I really didn't have a grasp of what I enjoyed wearing in summer; to keep me cool and comfortable in the heat. I think I've finally nailed my "summertime style" and it feels glorious. These are the few final pieces my wardrobe was missing.

1 | A Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are my life-saver in summer. Loose-fitting and easy-to-wear they help me stay cool without compromising on style. The two I added to my wardrobe this summer were a cotton maxi from MUJI and an Emerson Fry Maxi Slip Dress.

The Emerson Fry Slip* is beautiful; the material is thin and a little sheer but excellent quality making it ideal beach wear. It’s slinky and sexy in an understated way. Unfortunately the shape doesn’t suit my curvy figure, it’s very much designed for a willowy body type. So while I won’t be wearing this as a maxi, I’ll definitely be turning it into something I could wear.

The MUJI Cotton Maxi Dress (similar) on the other hand fits perfectly. I’ve been living in it since I purchased it. Despite the style being more casual, it can be easily dressed up, which I like very much. It took me a long time to find a maxi dress that suited my figure. I was almost convinced I just couldn’t wear them and I’m so glad I didn’t give up the hunt, which I very nearly did. The maxi dress is a summer staple I couldn’t be without.

2 | A Box-Cut Tee

I’m not someone who wears tees but I wanted to make sure I was comfortable in the summer heat. Box-cut tees are ideal for throwing on indoors when it’s too hot to get dressed “properly." Using credit (thank you if you shopped via my Everlane link!) I picked up a couple of Everlane’s box-cut tees: a black pocket tee and 100% human tee.

Everlane’s box-cut tees are cut for a roomy fit, cropped with a crew neck and pocket detail, the combed cotton is supposed to soften over time. Layered over maxi dresses and knotted at the front or back, these little tees offer a little extra protection from the heat but keep me feeling cool and comfortable.

I was kicking myself when I ordered the 100% human tee in the wrong size.. and then I realised the extra roomy fit means it works much better with a knot tied in it. The black pocket tee (in the right size) is the perfect boxy fit to pair with my Tricotage midi skirt. I highly recommend Everlane’s basic tees; they’re great staples for any wardrobe.

5 Things I've Added To My Summer Wardrobe

3 | A Sarong

After a rather stressful few months, we booked a somewhat last minute holiday to Croatia for July to relax, unwind, and recuperate. We're not usually a couple who likes to relax on the beach or by the pool but it's exactly what we need right now so this holiday calls for a couple of pieces my wardrobe was missing.

I hunted high and low for a good quality simple black sarong and all I could find was cheap sheer ones. I ended up buying this 100% Cotton Anchor Print Sarong from Seasalt. The material is exceptionally good quality with a lovely weight to it that makes the sarong flow beautifully. It's a large square piece of fabric that makes it possible to wear in a multitude of ways, which is exactly what I wanted. This sarong can be tied as a skirt, dress, scarf, or used as a beach blanket. Even though I'm not a fan of prints this one I can make an exception for, it's perfect.

4 | A Swimsuit

I really struggled with finding a swimsuit. I didn’t think I was looking for anything too difficult to find; I wanted a plain black one-piece I could actually swim in but that also looked nice out of the pool. What I discovered was most swimsuits come in one of two styles: ugly athletic swimwear or sexy poolside bathing suits.

After a long struggle I finally found a swimsuit to fall in love with, the Halter Neck One-Piece by Ruby Moon; it’s a classic swimsuit with a twist. I love the halter neck detail, spaghetti straps, and simple scoop back, which makes it a pretty piece to wear in and by the pool. It’s well made, comfortable to wear, and excellent quality. If you’re looking for an ethical swimsuit, Ruby Moon kindly gave me a 20% discount code for you to use: SOPHIERM17.

A note on sizing: sizes come up small and there are only three sizes available: small, medium, and large. When I spoke to Ruby Moon they said the medium was an 8-10 making the small a 6-8 and the large a 10-12. I’d love to see them stock a wider range as it’s tough enough finding ethical swimsuit in the UK without struggling to find the right size too.

5 | A Summer Hat

I picked this hat up second hand, it’s the perfect little hat for hot summer days when you want to keep the sun out of your eyes and prevent burns. It’s nothing special but it looks cute. I usually struggle to find hats that fit so I was pleased to walk into a second hand shop and find this one straight away, another reason to buy second hand! I imagine it’s going to be put to work regularly on many a day trip soon.

Summer Wardrobe Additions