Styling A Home Office

Styling A Minimalist Home Office
Styling A Minimalist Home Office Styling A Minimalist Home Office

The only way to be productive when working from home is enjoying the space you work in. For some people that means decorating with loud wall art and as much stationery littering the desktop as possible. For a minimalist, styling a home office is about effortless design, functional decor, and calm surroundings. Here’s how you can style a minimalist home office of your own.

Design To Your Needs

Your ultimate workspace needs to suit your aesthetic as much as your needs. How you work in your space will dictate its layout and design so as tempting as it is to scroll Pinterest for ideas, styling a minimalist home office of your own is a very personal experience. Consider form and function; well-styled doesn’t always mean a good place to work. Focus on designing the layout so that it’s practical and aids your productivity. Think about where to place frequently used items in relation to where you sit.

We focused on getting everything we needed into the room first and building around that. Making sure we can access what we need from our desks prevents us having to get up every few minutes to find what we need, which previously always led to one of us getting distracted. Everything’s right there where we need it because we designed the room with practicality in mind.

When it comes to furniture or storage, consider your needs and what you already own before buying anything new. Pretty stationery, expensive furniture, and limitless storage sounds like the dream but if you end up not using them they just become clutter. It’s better to wait until you’re certain of the solution to your problem rather than assuming more storage will fix it.

When setting up our home office, we needed something that could hold all of Jack’s photography equipment and props. After scouring websites for heavy-duty shelves and storage units and not finding anything both aesthetically pleasing and functional; we ended up emptying an old chest of drawers and repurposing it for use in our office. It’s a vintage piece we’ve owned for years, a heavyweight hard worker that can hold everything we need without it falling apart under the weight. We did the same with a bedside unit we found in a charity shop. Both items need a little TLC but by repurposing them as office storage units we’ve not only saved money we’ve given the room a distinct style.

Styling A Minimalist Home Office
Styling A Minimalist Home Office Styling A Minimalist Home Office

Get Rid Of Anything Unnecessary

Getting rid of the unnecessary items in your home office will reduce distractions, prevent clutter building up, and enable you to have everything within easy reach.

The first step is to clear all surfaces and declutter your space by emptying out all your drawers and storage. Stationery accumulates rapidly and while I don’t encourage throwing it away; going through what you own will enable you to see what you have too much of and refrain from buying any more. Piles of paperwork, junk mail and bills; a home office can easily become a dumping ground since it’s easy to close the door and walk away. But your workspace at home should be respected like any other room if you really want somewhere peaceful to work.

Get rid of visual clutter such as knick-knacks or decor items you don’t love or want to share your space with. Any items that don’t belong in an office, get rid of those too. A good way to eliminate clutter is to go paperless and find a place to store the essentials out of sight. If you must keep certain unrelated work items in your office space, find somewhere sensible and organised to keep them all.

Our office is home to tools and art supplies as well as our work equipment. Since there’s so much of it all we’ve opted to hide it away in a small filing cabinet, each drawer dedicated to specific items: tools, paints and paintbrushes, sewing kits, and craft supplies. Everything we need is right there, organised neatly, without compromising on the look or feel of our work space.

Styling A Minimalist Home Office

Add Decor (But Not Too Much)

A workspace is just that: a workspace. When it comes to a home office, decor is best reserved for elsewhere in your home. That’s not to say you can’t add a touch of personality to your space especially if it helps you work; artwork or plants are wonderful in a workspace, shelves that house knick-knacks and souvenirs - not so much.

Pick wisely when it comes to decorating your home office; too much artwork on the walls causes visual clutter and distraction while unnecessary furniture just gets in the way. Styling the things you already own is the best option for decorating an office space. Keeping your desk clutter-free gives you a peaceful area to work in; a small pile of notebooks kept within reach, a pot to keep pens in and a tray to hold useful stationery items, can personalise your space with pretty yet functional items. If you do want to add a little decor, find a spot that won’t always be catching your eye and causing distraction, and keep the colour palette simple.

Our office has little decoration but a very distinct style. The room already has so much going on with computers, cameras, and props, adding to it would only make the place look cluttered. A neat collection of Jack's published work is propped up on the windowsill and the battered vintage furnishings add personality and warmth from the chestnut coloured wood, for us that’s enough.

Styling A Minimalist Home Office