Week Notes #95: Inspiring Links

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


Why Dieting Is Not A Form Of Self-Care
Dieting is the opposite of self-care, here's why.

Simplicity & Minimalism: A Resource List
A few good links for kickstarting your simple living journey.

Minimalist Wedding Jewellery
The perfect jewellery for every wedding you’re attending.

Protest against Yulin
The western distinction between dogs and farm animals is completely arbitrary.

House Guests In A Zero Waste Home
An interesting topic and the advice somewhat transferable to minimalist homes too.

A very British kind of Minimalism
If you think of a gift you have bought for someone in the past, have you really expected the recipient to keep it forever?

In The Making
I'm really excited about what's coming soon to OMCH.

The Thing That Has Surprised Me Most About My Marriage
Do you go to bed at the same time as your partner?

5 Misconceptions About Conscious Consumers
I love posts that debunk myths about certain lifestyle choices; I wrote one about minimalism.

Mermaid Thighs
Body positivity is so important. Please love your body whatever its shape or size.

Is Ethical Fashion Elitist?
This post raises some very good points and I love the concluding paragraph.

Heathrow expansion 'not going to happen'
This is great news for environmentalists.

The Handy Storage Spot You're Forgetting to Use
Clever storage spots for your kitchenware.

If you love Wes Anderson it's safe to say you're going to love this subreddit.

What The Right Friends Will Do For Your Life & Career
Everyone needs a safe place to land, and people to lean on.

Summer Essentials: 8 Must-Haves
Your summer wardrobe needs essentials to maximise style while minimising effort.

Conspiracy Theory: Massive Attack's Del Naja is Banksy
I'm buying it.