The Self-Care Habits I've Adopted

Self-Care Habits I've Adopted Lately

Self-care is too important to overlook. While there are a few self-care habits everyone could benefit from, it’s important to reflect on specific practices that could help us improve our lives as individuals. Alongside the minimalist habits I’ve recently introduced into my daily life, I've also added some new self-care rules. Tailored specifically to me, I’m hoping these habits will help support and improve my life by taking care of me both physically and mentally.

Focusing On Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is such a huge part of self-care; it's important in understanding why we feel what we feel and behave the way we do to certain situations and people. Over the last year or so, I’ve committed to becoming more self-aware in terms of my actions, thoughts, and feelings. I spend a little time each day reflecting on how both my body and mind feels. Self-awareness is about your attitude and response to other people and different situations; it’s an awareness of your personality and habits, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, and emotions. It allows you to understand how other people perceive you and how you can communicate more effectively by framing (and interpreting) messages and situations differently. It’s helped me to identify toxic relationships, improve my communication skills, and to become more open and engaged with situations I otherwise may have felt uncomfortable in.

No Eating At My Desk

Aside from being totally gross, eating at your desk is terribly bad for you. Not taking a proper lunch break can lead to a dip in concentrate and effective work, meaning you take longer to accomplish tasks and you'll be more inclined to procrastinate. In our old apartment we had very little option but to eat our food where we worked. Our kitchen, living room, and office was all wrapped up in one space; it was hard to know where one boundary ended and another began. Now we’ve moved and have a separate home office and living room, I’m relieved not to have to eat at my desk anymore. Even when I’m buckling under the pressure of a hectic work day, I’ve made this self-care habit one I cannot break. It’s important to take a moment to catch my breath, get away from the screen, and nourish my body without interruptions. Even if it's only for half an hour, taking a proper lunch break boosts my productivity and prevents the afternoon work slump.

Working Away From Home

Although I am fortunate enough to have a studio and separate office space, I’ve made working out of the apartment a new self-care habit. Once a week I take my laptop or a notebook to a cafe or the library and work away from home; if I can't get out-out, I head to the roof. Changing up your environment by working away from home can stimulate your creativity and boost your inspiration; it's an opportunity to meet new people and engage with the community, or simply remove the distractions from your home environment. It’s a weekly treat that means I can indulge in coffee, a good lunch or a piece of cake while I work, grab some new reading material to take back home with me, and I get to walk along the canal, which is one of my favourite things to do. It’s a self-care habit that helps me both mentally and physically with my work and personal life; getting fresh air and changing the scenery is such a simple habit that helps boost my mood and fuels my inspiration.

Saying "Yes"

Common self-care advice is to "say 'no' more," it allows you more time and space to invest in the things you enjoy doing as opposed to the things you feel obligated to do, which is great. As a confident introvert even the idea of socialising can be exhausting but once I'm wherever it is I'm going I more often than not enjoy myself. Sometimes I say "no" because in the moment it seems daunting. I want to say "yes" to things that excite, inspire, or pique my curiosity; to push myself out of my comfort zone and experience things my introverted nature wants me to hide from. I want to stop letting my introverted nature stop me from making new connections and reaching for new opportunities. In order for me to say "yes" more, I also need to say "no" more too; especially to things I don't want to do but feel, for whatever reason, pressure to agree to. Saying "no" when something really isn't for me means I have more time and energy to do the things the excite me. My new habit is to say "yes" before I even have the chance to consider saying "no."

Committing To Yoga

Yoga is an important part of my daily life; it’s a self-care routine that helps me to take care of both my body and mind. I feel stronger, more confident, and happier when I practise regularly. What I specifically love about yoga is it’s an exercise in mindfulness-based stress reduction; I love how it makes me body feel and that the focus is on strength and confidence. In our previous apartment I struggled with committing to a daily yoga routine; finding space at the same time every day to practise was almost impossible. Now we’ve moved, there’s always a space where I can go to practise. I've always felt much calmer and content when yoga has been a part of my daily routine and I’m hoping this is a self-care habit that sticks.