Week Notes #97: Inspiring Links

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


Insta Reality
How Instagram posts are built on a web of deceit; what you see isn't always the true story.

It's OK To Give Up On A Book
It took me so long to learn not to waste time on terrible books.

Geometric Earrings
Minimal and mismatched; buy singles or a pair. Available in two metals and four shapes with endless combinations.

Do men and women do simplicity differently?
Perhaps. Men dominate the minimalist community; women need to raise their voices.

Call yourself whatever you please
The term 'minimalist' makes me squirm too. Labels are useful but there's never a "one size fits all".

Studio Photo Tour
Want to look around my studio and workspace? Now you can.

What is minimalism?
Living a meaningful life with less can be done in many ways.

Life-Changing Ways To Invest In Yourself
You won't get far without first investing in yourself.

All You Need To Know About Sterling Silver
So many people don't know how to look after precious metals, here's a quick guide to silver.

9 Not so Little Things that are Holding You Back
I'm certain we're all guilty of doing one (or more) of these things.


They Can't Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice Movement by Wesley Lowery

The Psychopath Whisperer: The Science of Those Without Conscience by Kent A. Kiehl