Week Notes #99: Inspiring Links

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


“Empowering” my ass
The body positivity movement is being used to sell you stuff, and it’s working.

‘Ready Player One’ is a terrible book and it will be a terrible movie
It's a family-friendly book packed with nostalgic references and the film is directed by Spielberg, it's going to be a romp!

What Clutter Looks Like
"We can get so accustomed to seeing something in our environment that we don’t stop to question whether the item is still serving us well."

Your Favourites, Back In Stock
You loved these so much they sold out. Now they're back.

The One Touch Rule
A commenter provides a better solution: put things in more useful places.

Body-Positive Documentaries
If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

Trump's Border Will Be An Ecological Disaster
The wall could cut off a Texas wildlife refuge and the habitat of big cats.

Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit
Bad news sells.

Gluten-Free Onion Bread
I'm addicted.

Eat Beans, Not Beef
This simple change could mean the U.S. could almost meet greenhouse-gas emission goals.

6 Ways to Be a More Sustainable Traveler
There are ways we can reduce our impact on the planet, support local economies, and protect the wildlife.

3 Books, 3 Points
I really like this way of reviewing books. I've been a little too busy lately to write reviews for the books I've read; perhaps I'll do something similar on Instagram.

Free range is a con
The UK cannot produce more than 10bn eggs each year without cruelty to chickens.

Why we fell for clean eating
A great read that clarifies the difference between eating a diet packed with nutrient rich whole foods and disordered eating.

Self-Care Activities That Won't Cost You A Penny
Self-care can be a drain on both your time as well as your money but it doesn't have to be.

Social Media Comparison Trap
Do you compare yourself to the people you see on social media?

What is Really at Stake When an Indie Brand is Copied?
Creating something only to have a big brand (or even another small business) claim it as their own is heartbreaking.