A Homewares Wishlist

A Scandinavian-Inspired Homewares Wishlist

Now we've settled into our apartment I've been having a lot of fun styling each room. Having plenty more room to decorate and switch things up means I can really play around with home styling and decor ideas. Our apartment has devolved a very Scandinavian-inspired feel, which I'm absolutely loving. (I share a lot of behind the scenes of our home on Stories if you fancy a peek.)

We're not in any desperate need for anything just a few upgrades for the hand-me-down furniture and worn out pieces that have been better days. We've already refreshed our bedroom and bathroom and upgraded a couple of boring essentials (hello washing machine), now it's time for the fun homewares!

Office Chairs: West Elm Velvet Mid-Century Swivel Chairs

We absolutely 100 per cent need new chairs for our office. We're both currently using two old dining chairs, which are uncomfortable and terrible for our backs. How beautiful are these West Elm Mid-Century Swivel Chairs? I love the dove grey colour and velvet upholstery.

Wardrobe: Habitat TATSUMA Walnut Stained Wardrobe

Our current wardrobe is an IKEA Trysil Wardrobe and let's just say, it's not looking so great after it had to be taken apart and put back together during the move. The doors were put back on the wrong way (don't ask!) and the whole thing is slightly out of alignment. If I was convinced we could fit all our clothes into the Habitat TATSUMA 3-Door Wardrobe I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Desk Tidy: Umbra Trigg Desk Set

I already have the Umbra Wall Planters and they are a beautiful way of displaying houseplants. This desk set would be great for keeping my desk tidy.. and maybe sneaking in a couple more plants.

Bedside Table: Habitat TATSUMA Walnut Bedside Table

Another replacement for a worn out IKEA item, our Trysil Bedside Table. After three years it's served us well but the drawer is broken and the surface is scuffed; it's time for a replacement. The Habitat Tatsuma Bedside Table matches our walnut bedframe and it's just the right size storage for our bedroom.

Floor Lamp: Made Cohen Floor Lamp

I can't stand overhead lighting and I'm stubborn enough to sit in the dark rather than turn ours on. We're making do with an old floor lamp I used to use for craft fairs and a tiny desk lamp but even together they're not enough to comfortably illuminate our living room. The Made Cohen Floor Lamp would fit in perfectly with the rest of our home decor and having adjustable lighting is essential for big spaces.

Trolley: IKEA RÅSKOG Trolley

Our kitchen needs some work. We're still deciding what to do with the space and in the meantime we need a storage solution in the shape of a trolley. I haven't found "the one" yet; it has to be tough enough to hold cast iron pans and have plenty of shelf space (and maybe a drawer or two) for spices, tea towels, and utensils. It's a tough bill to fit. The IKEA RÅSKOG Trolley is cute although not quite right; I'll keep looking!

Sofa: Maisons Du Monde BROOKE Modular Corner Sofa

We've always hated our sofa. It was our first big purchase; we waited ages for it to arrive so when we unwrapped it to find it was more blue than gray and the fabric looked like denim, we kept it even though we should have sent it back. Mistakes were made that day. Our next sofa needs to be big and comfortable and a joy to sit on. The Maisons Du Monde Modular Corner Sofa would fit right in to our existing decor and I love the modular style.

Bath Mat: Cold Picnic Private Parts Bathmat

I have wanted the Cold Picnic Private Parts Bathmat forever! It's always sold out though. Maybe I should settle and get the Boobs Bathmat instead.

Side Table: Umbra Hub Side Table

A totally unnecessary purchase except it would match so perfectly with the rest of our living space. I love the idea of using the Umbra Hub Side Table as a plant stand with an extra spot for stacking a couple of hardback books.

Shelves: Made Darcey Shelving Unit

We have two bookshelves in our apartment: one houses my Folio collection and the other is devoted to my plants. Everything is a little cramped at the moment and we're not making the most of all our space. I want to upgrade both bookcases with the Made Darcey Shelving Unit and Made Mino Shelving Unit to give me more room for styling.

Plant Stand: Umbra Nesta Table/Hanging Planter

Plants are a huge part of our home decor; with all the window ledges in our apartment, I try to prevent them from getting too overcrowded by using different pots and planters. I love how the Umbra Nesta Table/Hanging Planter can be used as a planter or hung from the ceiling. I'm always having to move my plants around and I like the idea of having such a versatile planter.

A Scandinavian-Inspired Homewares Wishlist
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