Styling A Dreamy Bedroom

Styling A Dreamy Bedroom

I’m a firm believer that your bedroom is your sanctuary; a refuge after long days and hard work. It's the one place you should feel 100% comfortable and relaxed in. The way your bedroom looks and feels will affect not only your mood and sense of wellbeing but how well you sleep at night. It's worth upgrading your bedroom to create a peaceful environment that will help you relax and sleep better. Want to style your own dreamy bedroom? Here are my tips.

Styling A Dreamy Bedroom

Minimal Layout

Keeping the layout of your bedroom minimal and only putting what you absolutely have to into the room will create a peaceful and calm space to retire in. Walking into a messy space with inconveniently placed furniture and awkward looking decor can dramatically affect how we feel at bedtime.

Having little to no extra furniture aside from the bed will remove any temptation to litter the surfaces with trinkets or clutter. How much do you really need in the bedroom anyway? Remove any unnecessary items and streamline the decor in your bedroom; strip it back to the bare essentials, keep any surfaces clean and clear, and you’ll create a peaceful space to relax and unwind in.

Lighting should be kept soft and dim to create ambiance. Avoid overhead lights and bright lamps; opt for a simple lamp for your bedside table ideally with a dimmer. Warm-toned bulbs add an extra cosy effect with soft lighting to soothe you.

Our bedroom is in one of our apartment’s smallest rooms; moving our wardrobe into a separate dressing room instantly helped make our sleep space more peaceful. The only furniture we have in our bedroom is the bed, a single nightstand, and a simple Muuto light.

Styling A Dreamy Bedroom

Neutral Palette

While the rest of your home might have splashes of colour with intense prints and showy artwork; bold decoration is too loud and distracting for the bedroom especially if you’re trying to create a dreamy environment to relax in. When you walk into your bedroom you want to feel like you’re stepping into a bubble, surrounded by muted colours and soft textures.

When it comes to a bedroom’s colour palette, keep things muted and neutral. Think monochrome, blush tones, and soft hues. Mixing natural materials with neutral colours to decorate your room will create a calming environment for your sleep space. Consider using wooden elements to compliment the neutral colour palette and to create a natural feel. You can add small pops of colour or patterns with pillows, artwork, throws, or rugs but keep it simple by mixing in only one or two shades.

Our bedroom’s colour palette is white and walnut with a pop of colour from the single piece of artwork and a couple of plants. Having such a clean, blank room has created a dreamy box we can step into at the end of each day enabling us to completely relax and drift off in.

Styling A Dreamy Bedroom

Soft Linen

A dreamy bedroom should be full of luxurious fabrics and indulgent textures to make you want to sink into them. When you’re choosing bed linen, think about the fabric and how it feels against your skin. No one wants to sleep on scratchy sheets; linen is so important to creating a enjoyable bedroom.

While pillows might look cute they’re not always practical to pile onto your bed (where do they all go once you climb into it?) Instead, add extra blankets and throws with soft textures and varying weights; bundling these onto the bed creates a nest to cosy-up into. There’s nothing more comforting than a huge heavy blanket keeping you warm at night.

It’s not just the bed you’re climbing into that should be soft and inviting, consider the surface under your feet. Thick, textured rugs and fluffy carpets create a luxurious floor to walk across and that feels good under the feet. Having a good pair of slippers isn’t a bad idea either!

I’m not a huge fan of having extra pillows so I stock our bedroom up with extra blankets and throws made from different fabrics with varying textures and weights. We have a few on rotation and switch them up regularly. Right now my favourite is a Luks Linen Damla Blanket* it’s huge and feels super soft, and the pattern adds a little something extra to our white box of a bedroom. If you're looking for dreamy bed linen, there's no better than the Muji Soft-Washed Sheets.

Styling A Dreamy Bedroom

Comforting Scents

Fragrance is so evocative and filling your bedroom with comforting scents is the easiest way to create a inviting and peaceful spot to sleep. A simple way to make your bedroom smell comforting and familiar is to change and wash your sheets regularly, and open the windows everyday to let fresh air flow in. Is there anything better than new sheets and a fresh bed?

Invest in a diffuser and quality essential oils, naturally scented room sprays, or candles to create a room full of dreamy fragrance that will entice you to linger and help you sleep better. If you find you’re suffering from troubled sleep, try using a lightly fragranced pillow spray or balm; they often smell amazing and can help lull you into more peaceful sleep.

I’ve been really into natural grassy scents lately. The Earl of East London’s Greenhouse candle* is a perfectly dreamy blend of vine tomato, parsley seed, and basil. For anyone who loves the smell of greenhouses in summer, this is the candle you need in your life. When I’m struggling with getting a good night’s sleep I put a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow.

Styling A Dreamy Bedroom

Natural Elements

Keeping your bedroom clean and clear will create a dreamy environment to drift off in but personal touches will make the space feel like your own. Adding natural elements like plants and little touches such as artwork will add the simple details to the room to make it feel more comforting and personal.

Too many trinkets can lead to your space looking cluttered and feeling messy. Consider simpler elements you can add that will have a subtle impact. Plants, artwork, and books are obvious choices if you’re looking for decor ideas that look pretty but won’t be distracting. You can easily switch these up regularly to keep your space looking fresh and interesting.

On our nightstand I keep a single piece of artwork (currently an original by Faye Moorhouse) and a beautiful orchid. These simple elements creates a space that feels like ours without being visually distracting. Orchids are my favourite flower and their beauty is perfect for gracing bedrooms. Having the artwork propped up on the stand means it can be easily switched around, which keeps our bedroom looking fresh with minimal effort.

Styling A Dreamy Bedroom