Week Notes #101: Inspiring Links

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


Everlane are offering international shipping again!
Finally! + free shipping for orders over $150

Top 100 Minimalist Blogs
The Private Life of a Girl is #23!

How do we tackle social media’s “perfect” myth?
Photoshopping your body isn't healthy or empowering.

German supermarket empties shelves
Our lives would be pretty boring without diversity.

British factory standards ‘worse than Asia’
We tend to presume our factories are better than international ones.

You Need Three Tote Bags, Max
"You should only be buying enough groceries to fit in three bags." Uhh, no.

Why we should ban glitter, just like we banned microbeads.
What the world doesn't need is more plastic in its oceans.

This misogynist website is hilarious
Men blaming women for the challenges they face. Major eye roll.

Why vegan makeup is on the rise
People want vegan options.

A Bullet Journal Experiment
Bullet journalling and some problems.

Headteacher tells girls that they shouldn’t wear leggings if they’re above a size 6
This is disgusting.

Veganized World
I'm not usually keen on t-shirts but I love this one and this one.

Davy Russell punches a horse and receives no real punishment
As if horse racing wasn't cruel enough, a jockey (who has been aggressive before) punches his horse and receives only a caution. He should be banned.

Eye Enamel Pin
Ugh, I love this pin.

H&M’s new brand, Arket, names the factory that made its clothes
A step in the right direction but it doesn't empower customers yet.

How Mothers Talk To Their Children About Dieting and Weight
This resonates so hard with me. Comments made about other women’s bodies are so destructive.

No, we don’t need female “safe spaces”
It's not up to the victim to prevent the crime.

Is there strength in admitting that we’re all just a bit of a mess?
Positive thinking is now bad for you (major eye roll)

Why vegan makeup is on the rise
People want cruelty-free make-up.

Can thrillers really be feminist?
As someone who loves true crime/thrillers, this is an interesting read.

How to Breakup With Your Friend
It's tough. I wrote about how to identify toxic friendships.

The World’s Most Enchanting Greenhouses
Plant-obsessed photographers.

10 Things You Can Do to Shop More Sustainably
Small — and big — changes you can make today.

Vagina is not a dirty word
And behaving like it is is putting women at risk.

John Lewis removes 'girls' and 'boys' toys
Removing gender stereotypes is not something to be upset about.