Week Notes #102: Inspiring Links

Week Notes

A round-up of the week in links.


Etsy Sellers Have Been Stealing Guatemalan Artisans Products
Sellers who can't prove that they have legitimate relationships with Guatemalan artisans are being reported.

"Conflict-Free" Diamonds Are A Scam
There are so many better alternatives to diamonds anymore.

Forever 21 Is Awful
What a surprise.

10 Easy DIY Hanging Planters
Make use of vertical space in your home (and squeeze in a few more plants).

A Defense of Books as Decor
I'm not keen on the current trend of buying books just to use them as home decor. Buy books you'll read!

How To Use Colour In A Minimalist Home
It's not all black and white.

What To Wear To London Fashion Week
A guide on what to wear and how to style jewellery for this year's London Fashion Week.

“Does It Spark Joy?” Is the Wrong Decluttering Question
It's a useful question but I agree: decluttering isn't the same as minimalism.

7 Minimalist Principles That Are Total BS
I agree with some, I don't agree with others.

5 Street Style Jewellery Trends To Copy
It's all about individualism.

Dreamy Cozy Scandinavian Apartment
I'm in love!

DIY Lantern To Planter
A DIY I might actually do.

An Update On Instagram
A very interesting read especially how Instagram views "commenting pods".

Creating A Slow Corner
A great post on creating a home that makes you content.

Timeless Fashion That Never Goes Out Of Style
"Seasonless" is the new timeless. These are the items to stock your wardrobe with.

The Ethical Blog Directory
A huge list of ethical blogs to read.

The Rise Of The Enablers
I don't think 'enabler' is the right word (it usually had negative connotations) but I do like what this post suggestions.

Resources For All Things Vegan
Thinking about switching to a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle? This post is perfect for you.

Simplify Your Style
Why you should and how you can