Week Notes #104: Inspiring Links

February 04, 2018

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


·   Imitation vs Inspiration is a thin line

·   Focusing on quality over quantity when blogging

·   Bloggers or blaggers? - How do you feel about the latest internet drama?

·   Minimalism is not about how many items you own

·   The virtuous cycle of secondhand clothing is breaking down

·   Ever thought about beauty packaging and the environment?

·   Plastic is terrible for the environment but it battles malnutrition in the developing world

·   Why trying something new is so hard to do

·   Get things done with these essential productivity practices

·   A few winter skincare tips

·   Changing your business when you're already established

·   Not everything has to be a side hustle

·   Reflections on a slow living experiment

·   Everybody wants them; the best selling jewellery is back in stock

·   The amazing Powell-Cotton Museum

·   Minimalism do-over; things to do differently

·   A beginner's guide to minimal jewellery

In Case You Missed It

·   Essential Food Staples For A Plant-Based Kitchen

·   Essential Oil Blends For Your Home

·   Cruelty-Free Beauty On A Budget

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