Week Notes #105: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


·   Celebrating Valentine's Day? Enter code: VDAYGIFT for free delivery, gift wrapping, and gold-foil notecard on all Valentine's Gifts

·   Simple ways to be less addicted to your smartphone

·   Ten mistakes that might ruin your freelance career

·   How to maintain friendships

·   If you love art, support the makers

·   BBQ Cauliflower Wings (they're so good)

·   Would you eat lab-grown meat?

·   Decluttering your wardrobe? Have you tried the hanger trick?

·   A zero waste kit that costs nothing

·   The reasons renting make me happy

·   Why people forget child labor made their jeans

·   Simple ways to be more ethical in 2018

·   Why Februdairy isn't going to work

·   Notes on sexiness (+ this video) - I love this post (and Lizzy Hadfield's style) so much

·   Gift ideas for your other soul mate

In Case You Missed It

·   Common Responses When You Tell People You're Vegan

·   Accessories That Transform An Outfit

·   A Look At My Reading List