Week Notes #107: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


·   Defining success in your own terms

·   Are you an extroverted introvert?

·   A necklace to symbolise empowerment

·   Ways to take back time in your life

·   An Addams family LEGO house!

·   The Kindness of Strangers Exhbition

·   Making self-care simple

·   A few Mother's Day gift ideas

·   Small changes to restore your body and mind

·   How your wardrobe and personal style can empower you

·   Organising your camera roll

·   Are you unwittingly sabotaging your success?

·   Without organization, you can’t be productive.

·   Update your style with spring/summer jewellery

·   Protest doesn’t have to be loud and angry

·   Has feminism gone too far? (No.)

·   Is shopping online more eco-friendly than shopping local?

·   Letting go of friendships

·   Living slow is being present

·   How the digital landscape is affecting our relationships

·   Do you appreciate the life you're already living?

·   The 5-Piece Spring/Summer Wardrobe

In Case You Missed It

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·   Mindful Habits For Your Home

·   Questions To Ask Yourself

·   My Daily Essentials

·   World Book Day: Suggested Reading