What I Eat Every Day As A Vegan

What I Eat Every Day As A Vegan

By far the most common question about the whole food plant-based diet is, "what do you eat?" I love the curiosity that triggers that question in people and it makes me happy to share what I eat so that it inspires people to eat more plants.

There are several types of vegan diet one can follow. I choose to follow a whole food diet although I do leave room for processed treats now and again. What I eat changes from day to day but also season to season, however, there are some must-eat-every-day foods in my daily diet. These are the non-negotiable staples for creating a nutritious, well-rounded plant-based diet.

I shared a peek into my plant-based pantry a while back and frequently share what I eat in a day snapshots via Instagram Stories. If you're curious to know what a vegan puts on their plate, here's a list of the food I eat every day.

What I Eat Every Day As A Vegan

Whole Grains

Brown rice and oats are my favourite whole grains. They're both slow-burning carbohydrates that help bulk up a diet otherwise packed with low calorie foods. I typically eat either porridge or rice for breakfast and rice again for dinner. Eating porridge for breakfast means I can pack in the fresh fruit and dried berries, and rice for dinner means I can get my daily portions of legumes and vegetables.


Greens tend to go with everything (you can even throw spinach in with your smoothie) so it's easy enough to pack them in every day. I try to get a good mix of both cruciferous greens and leafy greens on a daily basis, usually broccoli or cauliflower with spinach, lettuce, and some herbs. I throw a portion in with almost every meal or add them on the side with whatever I'm having that day. I consider greens (and other vegetables) to be the foundation of every meal.

Other Vegetables

I love eating raw vegetables and tend to reach for them as a snack if I need one. Raw carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers are my favourite and I'll add them to pretty much any dish I'm serving or on the side for extra crunch. In terms of cooked veggies, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and onions feature heavily in my daily diet. I'll typically serve vegetables and other greens over brown rice.

What I Eat Every Day As A Vegan


Beans are loaded with nutrition and I couldn't imagine going a day without eating them. They are an important source of both macro and micro nutrients; basically if you're eating a plant-based diet, you should be eating legumes on a daily basis. Homemade houmous is so easy to make as are a variety of bean dips. I'll add beans to soups and salads, make a chilli with them, or create a dahl with lentils. Tofu is so versatile it can be served in many different ways making it a favourite of mine. I also like to grow my own sprouts and add those to dishes.


Fruit is delicious and so easy to eat. I'll add dried fruit like cranberries, goji berries, and dates to porridge for breakfast and eat fresh fruit for lunch with yogurt. Bananas, apples, pears, and kiwis are favourites in our fruit bowl and I like to add lemon and lime to the water I drink. Avocado is great for eating with rice or wholewheat bread for some delicious natural fat. In summer I switch from porridge to smoothies for breakfast to pack in those daily fruits.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are great on porridge but I also like to add pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds to my rice. If I'm eating fruit and yogurt I'll add in nuts like walnuts and almonds along with crushed flax seeds. Nuts are great as snacks too so if I find myself flagging on a particularly tiring day I'll reach for a handful. There's always a big jar of tahini and peanut butter in the cupboard for adding to smoothies, porridge, dipping fruit and veggies in, and making dressings with.

If you're trying to add more plant-based whole foods to your diet, I highly recommend the Dr. Gregor's Daily Dozen app. The app and website helped me greatly when transitioning to a whole food plant-based diet. It's a strictly non-commercial, science-based public service providing information on nutrition. Download the free app: android / apple.

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What I Eat Every Day As A Vegan