Supporting Bloggers You Love

Supporting Bloggers You Love

The creation of compelling and informative content isn't easy; researching, writing, editing, and photographing posts on a regular basis requires dedication and skill. Blogging takes a lot of time and energy, and many of us do it for very little in return. Despite what some people think of them, bloggers have become one of the most influential sources on the internet.

Anyone who has ever searched for the answer to a question has, at some point, stumbled across a blog that has explained the answer they were looking for, usually in great detail and accompanied by photographs. Blogs are priceless sources of informative and engaging content spanning every topic you can think of.

I didn't start a blog with the intention of getting anything in return. I created this blog to have a place to write; a place where I could share ways we can all choose to live a more considered life. I write about minimalism, veganism, wellness, interiors, and style with the hopes it will inspire others to make compassionate choices and to create a life that is purposeful, intentional, and considered.

Blogging eats into my time and my energy so when someone shares my posts, leaves a comment, or sends me a tweet to say "hey, I really enjoyed this; it really helped me out" - that means the world to me. It makes all that time and energy spent on creating this blog worth it, and I know other bloggers feel exactly the same way I do.

It doesn't cost us anything to be kind. So when we stumble across an amazing post, discover a feed of wonderful photographs, a new account to follow, or have been reading the same blog for years; it's worth taking the time to show your appreciation by supporting the bloggers you love.

Supporting Bloggers You Love

Engage With Their Content

In an age where new content is being produced on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, we've slipped into the habit of continuous scrolling. There's always something new to see. As soon as we've finished reading one article we've moved onto the next. Engaging with and sharing the content we love is so important for its creators, it shows them we love what they're doing and provides them with an incentive to continue.

The easiest way you can support a blogger you love is by engaging with the content they create. It's as simple as leaving a comment on one of their posts; liking a photograph they posted on Instagram; retweeting one of their tweets; or pinning one of their posts. If you found a piece of content especially informative or interesting, pass it on to a friend who might find it useful. Every week I browse through my blogroll sharing the content I enjoyed the most in my weekly link roundup, scheduling the best ones to share on Twitter.

Follow Them On Social Media

With so many blogs to read and new articles being posted daily, there's not always time to read everything and it's easy to miss out on posts. Bloggers tend to share different content across each platform along with updates about what's being posted on their blogs. Social media is great for short-form content that's easier and quicker to consume yet it often has a much more personal feel.

Social media accounts get you closer to the creators behind the blogs you love. If there are particular bloggers whose content resonates with you, consider following them on their social platforms. You'll get to know them better and see more of the content you love. In case we aren't friends already, introduce yourself on Twitter and Instagram.

Use Their Referral Links

A referral link is a unique link given out to bloggers to pass on to others. The link tracks shares and sales; if the link is used, the blogger will receive credit or a commission on any items sold. Affiliate schemes are a common way for bloggers to make a little money from the products or services they feature on their blogs. Referral links are especially useful for letting brands who work with bloggers know how successful a post or product mention has been by tracking the click through rate.

Buying something? Click on blog links first. It won't cost you anything extra and the blogger will get a little boost from the commission or credit they receive. Clicking on referral links not only helps bloggers make money, it helps them get more work with brands. Clicking on their links shows the brands how successful a post has been and will encourage them to work with the blogger again in the future.

Buy From Their Shop

Affiliate links, sidebar ads, and sponsored posts might be the most common ways bloggers try to make a bit of money from their blog but it isn't always very lucrative. A lot of bloggers have shops where they sell ebooks, worksheets, courses, services, or handmade products. Bloggers often turn into self-published authors, content strategists, online mentors, podcasters, coaches, and handmade business owners.

If a blogger you love has a shop and sells products or services you may find useful, consider shopping from their online store or working with them in some other way such as buying an ecourse or workbook. Blogging isn't my job; I'm a jewellery designer crafting minimal jewellery, I also offer content strategy services. Not for you? Pass on a bloggers links to people who might find their services useful and their products exactly what they've been looking for. Include them in your shopping guides, mention them to friends and family, and buy from them when the need arises.

Become A Patron

Everyone loves free content but none of us likes to be sold to all the time. When every other article is sponsored with unrelated products being shoehorned into posts and irrelevant content littering up our feeds; blogs can often feel like a constant barrage of advertising and consumerism. Affiliate links, sidebar ads, and sponsored posts are all there to sell you stuff so bloggers can make an income.

It's really important we support the content we enjoy, whether it's useful and informative or just a really great read. If we don't, it will disappear. There's only so much time and energy a creator can put into a blog before they need support. If a blogger you love has a Patreon account, consider becoming a patron. Your support will help them continue creating the content you enjoy reading or listening to. Enjoy A Considered Life? Join us on Patron. Don't want to donate monthly? You could 'buy a coffee' instead.

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Supporting Bloggers You Love