Week Notes #108: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


·   Win a set of planners from the Old English Prints (shop planners here)

·   How eating a plant based diet changed my perception of food

·   A literal world map

·   Global trends that bring hope

·   A reality show about flat earthers searching for the edge of the world

·   Home decor colours for 2019

·   An Instagram account for absurd and ugly home design

·   Boredom is an indictator that something deeper is just around the corner

·   A multimillionaire has given his fortune away

·   How retailers manipulate us to spend more

·   Slow fashion on a stay-at-home mom budget

·   Would you wear the same clothes every day?

·   Plant-based lunch ideas

·   A lazy girl's guide to sustainable fashion

·   Modern environmentalism is well-meaning but horribly muddled

·   Action on plastics shouldn’t make life suck for disabled people

·   Extinct birds crocheted by Laurel Roth Hope

·   An ethical guide to wine

·   Are you using organising as an excuse to hoard things?

·   On taking risks

·   We hold the power to change the news

·   A zero waste grocey kit

·   Why we should all stop visiting zoos

·   Thoughts on that capsule wardrobe challenge

·   If American farmers focused on growing plants they could sustain more than twice as many people

·   Dairy's dirty secret

In Case You Missed It

·   Shop Your Own Wardrobe

·   What I Eat Every Day As A Vegan

·   Spring Wellness