Week Notes #109: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


•   The Arc Earrings are finally back in stock!

•   Stop filling all the spaces

•   Schedule life first

•   Self-help books to help improve your life

•   Instagram's chronological feed is making a comeback (kind of)

•   Is minimalism right for you?

•   Positive news because life isn't all bad

•   Is a zero-waste society the solution?

•   Ethical fashion podcasts that unpick the garment industry

•   Veganism has seen a growth of 700% in 2 years

•   You can have it all

•   Your newsfeed is making you miserable

•   A report by WWF says a vegan diet lowers our carbon footprint

•   Plastic bag charge linked to 30% drop in the number of plastic bags littering seabeds

•   What is greenwashing?

•   Getting to know fear

•   Is this finally the demise of blogging?

•   On being kind to yourself

•   Shopping and what it feels like after a shopping ban

•   Iceland are cutting palm oil from its own-brand products

•   The problem with MissPaps "living wage wardrobe"

•   A confused mind never buys

•   Sea Salt Chocolate ChipTahini Cookies

In Case You Missed It

•   Zero Waste Household Swaps

•   Documentaries That Will Inspire You To Make A Change

•   Sustainable Living Choices To Celebrate Earth Day