Week Notes #110: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


•   Who made your jewellery?

•   Perhaps we should be saying "don't buy that"

•   You have to take your time back

•   Find people who are like-hearted rather than like-minded

•   Zero waste places to shop in London

•   Millennials are the reason 70% of the world population is reducing consumption of animal products

•   Should we quit talking about sustainability?

•   Consumption spirals and why we buy things

•   A plastic-free milk delivery

•   This is how life works right now

•   We can't recycle or way to zero waste

•   We need to stop idolizing rich people

•   The real cost of cheap shirts

•   Your influence matters

•   5 years on from Rana Plaza, has anything changed?

•   Mushroom leather is a thing

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•   An Interior Mood Board