Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Now that spring has finally arrived (fingers crossed it sticks around!) I feel like I can finally switch up my beauty routine. I say “switch up”, it doesn’t really change that much; as the weather gets warmer, my makeup application gets increasingly lighter and my skincare more considered.

I love beauty products. I love playing with makeup and find skincare therapeutic. But there’s only so many bottles and lotions we can use before they start cluttering up our shelves and start going to waste. After a ruthless declutter of my beauty products (something I’ve always struggled with) I tend to rely on the tried-and-tested beauty recommendations I love. I’m a firm believer in finding products that work and sticking with them; although as the weather changes I find I need to adjust my beauty routine to match it, which means testing out a few new products.

Spring Beauty Spring Beauty


I’m keen to have as many no-makeup days as I can get away with in spring and summer. With a skincare routine and healthy diet, it’s not difficult. I like to keep makeup even more minimal than usual with only a primer, a flick of eyeliner, highlighter, and a dab of colour to my lips.

I don’t wear foundation so a few swipes of a concealer and a primer is all I need for a natural look without too much effort. I’ve switched out my favourite The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer, which has a matte finish, to the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer. The lightweight formula feels light on the skin and makes your complexion look radiant and glowing; hydrating, smoothing, and brightening for a dewy finish.

To boost my complexion and really give it that radiant look I like to use a liquid highlighter. I apply the GOSH Lumi Drops Vanilla Highlighter on my cheekbones and above the cupid’s bow for a healthy glow. You could add a little to your foundation if you wear it or even your moisturiser for a soft infused radiance. The Lumi Drops range is fantastic for adding luminosity to your complexion. If I want to add a little colour for a flushed look, I add a drop of GOSH Lumi Drops Rose Blush to the apples of my cheeks. It blends out beautifully to create a natural finish.

The final step in my spring makeup routine is a flick of eyeliner - I use wet eyeshadow and apply with an angled brush - and a swipe of colour to my lips. I’m lazy when it comes to lipstick and much prefer tinted balms for their ease of wear. Tropic Skincare Lip Rosewood Fudge* is the perfect natural shade; it’s easy to apply, sits on the lips comfortably, and is effortless to wear.

Spring Beauty


As the weather heats up I find my skin needs a little more TLC. I always notice my complexion change during the transitional period between winter and spring. I find I need rich moisturisers as opposed to facial oils and exfoliating products to replace face masks.

To kickstart my spring skincare routine I introduce a body exfoliator. The one I’m currently using is a Tropic Skincare Body Smooth Refreshing Polish*. You massage the crumbly scrub onto dry skin before hopping in the shower to rinse it all off. The combination of sea salts, essential oils, and plant extracts exfoliates your skin leaving you feeling supple and soft. I use a body exfoliator a few couple of times as week for the first few weeks of spring to prep for the new season’s weather.

I follow up with a body moisturiser. There’s two I have in rotation right now: the Cocunat Deeply Nourishing Tropical Strawberry Body Mousse* and the Tropic Skincare Whipped Body Velvet Intensely Rich Buttermelt. The Cocunat mousse is great for when you’ve hopped out of your morning shower and need a moisturiser that’s going to nourish and hydrate without having to wait ages for it to sink in. It contains a blend of Cocoa and Shea butters, and natural oils with a tropical scent - perfect for spring. The Tropic Buttermelt is more suited for evenings when you have time to let the rich rarabe butter and baobab oils sink in and work their magic.

My face tends to get super dry at the beginning of spring so I switch from using facial oils to a hydrating moisturiser. The Tropic Skincare Skin Revive Nourishing Cream Concentrate* is rich, hydrating, and fast absorbing so it’s perfect for both your morning and evening skincare routines. It contains a natural hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin after sun exposure, protect against environmental stress, and improve the skin’s appearance. Adding a drop or two of a facial oil to this moisturiser makes a luxurious overnight treatment. I’m usually not one to buy into targeted moisturisers, like eye creams, but lately my eyes have needed a little extra attention. I’m been trialing the White Rabbit Skincare Chamomile and Carrot Seed Eye Cream and the super rich formula is helping care for the sensitive area around my eyes by keeping it soothed.

Spring sunshine can wreak havoc with pale complexions; having a toner on hand to soothe irritated skin can feel like a lifesaver. On days where I’ve been in the sun, especially without makeup, I’ve been making sure to use a rosewater toner to keep my complexion calm and soothed. The Cocunat Rosewater Facial Toner* is great for swiping over your skin throughout the day to refresh your complexion and in-between cleansing and moisturising to help lock in the ingredients from your products.

What are your beauty essentials for spring?
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Spring Beauty