Week Notes #112: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


•   Slow the inflow of noise and stuff

•   How to stop overspending with friends

•   Find time for you

•   Because believe it or not, the snow will melt

•   The difference between green, sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical, fair trade, clean, organic, non-toxic, and conscious!

•   The social media rat race and the power we give away

•   Is minimalism a trend for the rich?

•   All the brands that have banned fur in 2018

•   Hosting a guest with dietary requirements

•   Pupils who bring plastic to school will be punished

•   Why going vegan is as much about fashion as food

•   It's the things we do, not the things we have, that matter the most

•   Letting go of our attachment to the outcome

•   My simple and imperfect life is enough

•   Is your stuff holding you back?

•   Consumption in the intentional living movement

•   If someone says you're not vegan enough, forget about it

In Case You Missed It

•   A Carry-On Only Packing List For Italy

•   Essential Plant-Based Cookbooks

•   Shopping For Ethical Eyewear

•   Being A Mindful Traveller