Week Notes #113: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.

My blog was voted the No.1 Minimalist Blog in the UK!


•   Ever feel like skincare is a scam?

•   An interesting take on Everlane's "transparency"

•   Maybe you're just not into your hobby

•   Let's be kinder to ourselves

•   Spring cleaning tips for beginner minimalists

•   If there's clutter in your life, there's clutter in you too

•   You are exactly where you want to be, for better or worse

•   Be a revolutionary, every day

•   DIY Cleaning Supplies

•   Have we lost the skill of listening?

•   Mindful minimalism - it's more than throwing away a pair of old jeans

•   Vegan shoes, for summer

•   Your clothes are affecting the environment, here's what you can do about it

•   How to have a simple summer this year

•   Help the bees with these gardening tips

•   Creativity is a double-edged sword and sometimes it is easier to follow than create

•   The single biggest way to reduce your impact on the environment is to avoid meat and dairy

In Case You Missed It

•   Lingerie That Fits With Aikyou

•   Taking Care Of Houseplants When On Vacation