Week Notes #114: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.

Bored of the stereotypical 'jeans-and-a-tshirt' minimalist wardrobe? Me too! That's why I've started sharing my outfits on Instagram Stories (you'll find them all under the 'Outfits' highlight.) You can follow me here.


•   A siple trick for clearing out your wardrobe

•   Saving money when you travel

•   Are you a highly sensitive person?

•   Wild Garlic Pesto

•   A journey towards zero waste

•   What does 'simple living' really mean?

•   How to evaluate your clothing

•   Cold washing clothes can quadruple their lifespan!

•   The problem with AirBnB

•   Making eco-friendly habits stick in the tourism industry

•   There's plastic in one of the most remote places on Earth

•   The downfall of marketing ethical fashion

•   Going Vegan: why giving your your favourite food is worth it

•   Letting go of Instagram

•   Washing synthetic clothes release microplastics into our ocean

•   A "trust-mark" to indicate plastic-free packaging

•   Wool might be natural, renewable and biodegradable but it's not cruelty-free

•   The recycling bin is not a wishing well

•   Oat milk > almond milk

•   Vegan treats on the high street

In Case You Missed It

•   Visiting Matera, Italy: Where To Stay, Things To Do, and What To Eat

•   What To Do With Your Non-Vegan Items