Week Notes #117: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


  • Homemade oat milk - it's cheap, easy, and quick to make! Get the recipe.

  • Are you finding it hard to make time for 'slow' activities?

  • 101 uses for everyday things

  • A reminder: you don't have to be perfect

  • Eco-friendly tips for the summer

  • We are more content with life when we stop comparing ourselves to others

  • The art of starting over

  • On dealing with emotional baggage

  • A rule for controlling impulse purchases

  • Finding balance and learning to let go

  • The trap of unnecessary purchases

  • Mindfulness. Not another buzzword.

  • How to communicate with authenticity

  • Frugal burnout is a thing

  • Morrisons' paper bag switch is bad for global warming

  • Schools should visit abattoirs

  • Fashion brands aren't being honest and open with you

  • Starbucks are introducing a 5p paper cup charge

  • Single-use plastics do have some legitimate uses

  • A cute new peach collection from Annie Dornan Smith

In Case You Missed It

  • Windowsill Gardening

  • The Important Truths About Zero Waste