Week Notes #119: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


  • Please vote for me as the best vegan lifestyle blog!

  • Hard truths about clutter

  • The Impossible Burger is not cruelty-free

  • Self-care is as simple as saying thank you

  • Wave of plastic pollution off coast of Dominican Republic

  • Let's avoid making zero waste into another consumer lifestyle

  • Simple living shifts for summer

  • Rising global meat consumption 'will devastate environment'

  • Peanut butter and banana pudding

  • The truth behind zero waste living

  • The trash jar myth

  • All you need to know about jewellery

  • Marie Kondo is really milking it with these

  • Climate change is here

  • Watch out for greenwashing on compostible products

In Case You Missed It

  • 60 Tips For Going Plastic-Free

  • A Gratitude List For The Simple Things Making Me Happy Right Now