Week Notes #129: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the week in links.


  • Want more UK-based ethically produced womenswear? Back this Kickstarter

  • White fragility

  • The unexpected benefits of giving up shopping

  • Protecting wildlife from litter

  • Smoky grilled eggplant

  • Stop mindless scrolling

  • Numberless social media could make us happier

  • Why consuming dairy inflicts more pain on cows than you know

  • Great satire about "humane meat"

  • How your neighbours can help you live a low waste lifestyle

  • The best crime documentaries on Netflix

  • The ugly truth about ugly produce

  • When is enough, enough?

  • We won’t save the planet just by switching to a different kind of disposable

In Case You Missed It

  • Zero Waste Tea

  • Cleaning Make-Up Brushes