Most Popular Posts Of 2018

December 18, 2018

Most Popular Posts Of 2018

It was a big year for A Considered Life!

I wanted to take a moment to revisit the last twelve months before looking forward to the next twelve. After a name change, the blog became more focused on low waste, plant-based, simple living - and it paid off. I was voted best vegan and cruelty-free blogger; the blog was ranked as the number one minimalist blog and ended up with a feature in Blogosphere magazine. I'm overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support you have shown to me, thank you.

I'm excited to see what the new year brings. A Considered Life will continue to be space for learning about how we can slow down and be kinder to the planet but I want to make room for bigger projects too. For now, let's take a look at the most popular posts from 2018.

Most Popular Posts Of 2018

Most Popular Lifestyle Posts

  • What Is A Considered Life
  • Start Living A Considered Life
  • Questions To Ask Yourself
  • Kind Things To Do For Yourself
  • Mindful Ways To Stay Informed

Most Popular Posts Of 2018

Most Popular Minimalism Posts

  • Tips For Beginner Minimalists
  • Mindful Decluttering
  • Things To Declutter For The New Year
  • Staying Motivated While Decluttering
  • A Minimalist Bullet Journal

Most Popular Posts Of 2018

Most Popular Zero Waste Posts

  • Important Truths About Zero Waste
  • Getting Started With Zero Waste
  • Tips For Going Plastic-Free
  • Zero Waste Household Swaps
  • Zero Waste On The Go

Most Popular Posts Of 2018

Most Popular Style Posts

  • Cruelty-Free Beauty Recommendations
  • Creating A Go-To List Of Brands
  • How To Shop Your Wardrobe For New Outfits
  • Packing Like A Minimalist Traveler
  • What I Learned About Style In My 30s

Most Popular Posts Of 2018

Most Popular Home Posts

  • Mindful Habits For Your Home
  • Creating A Home That Makes You Happy
  • Things Your Home Doesn’t Need
  • Little Home Updates That Make A Big Difference
  • The Finishing Touches To Home Decor

Most Popular Posts Of 2018

Most Popular Veganism Posts

  • Go Vegan: What, Why, How?
  • Vegan FAQ
  • Cruelty-Free Choices When You Can’t Go Vegan
  • Vegan Pantry Essentials
  • Living With Someone Who Isn’t Vegan

Happy Holidays!
See you in the new year x

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