May Update: A Year Of Second-Hand Shopping Challenge

May Update: A Year Of Second-Hand Shopping Challenge

After my no-spend month, I've focused on having a strict wishlist when thrifting. While it's nice to pick up a few new-to-me pieces to refresh my wardrobe and home, most of the things I buy (particularly clothes) aren't needs but wants. When thrifting, it's really easy to spot lovely clothes and homewares; there's a feeling of urgency to buy them because they're often one of a kind and affordable. It's really easy to end up with more things than I need and sticking to a wishlist helps keep that in check.

In preparation for putting together my summer capsule, I went through my wardrobe and pulled out a few pieces I’ve been trying hard to love but just haven’t worn. Selling them helped put a little money in the pot for the second-hand purchases I made this month.

Purchases I made in May:

Three-Way Meter from eBay - £9.45 (RRP: £10)
Mint Green Shirt from a charity shop - £4.50
3DS Console from eBay - £41.50 (RRP: £150)
Stew Pot from a charity shop - £5
Sage Green Shirt from eBay - £3.40 (RRP: £15)
Uniqlo Linen Trousers from eBay - £7.20 (RRP: £24.99)
Le Parfait Super Jar from a charity shop - £3.99 (RRP: £8.95)
Major Wear Green Beret from eBay - £4.90 (RRP: £10)
Hobbs Mint Green Shirt from eBay - £9.40 (RRP: £55)
Hobbs Oatmeal Shirt from eBay - £10.99 (RRP: £55)

May Update: A Year Of Second-Hand Shopping Challenge

Possibly my favourite second-hand purchase so far is a pair of trousers. I haven’t owned trousers in years; they never fit me right so I gave up wearing them. Inspired by looks like this, I desperately wanted to add a pair of loose fitting trousers to my wardrobe. I took a risk on these Uniqlo Linen Trousers and it paid off. I dyed them black and altered the waistband (using this sewing trick), now they look and fit exactly how I want them to. I loved them so much in fact I bought a second pair on eBay.

I finally found a sage green shirt! I've been searching since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, this one didn’t work out. The seller told me it was cotton and it turned out to be polyester; the fit was off and the colour wasn’t quite right so the search continues. It’s what makes online thrifting trickier than shopping in person. I did, however, find a Hobbs Mint Green Linen Shirt that will be ideal in summer. You win some, you lose some!

May Update: A Year Of Second-Hand Shopping Challenge

Every year we host a Eurovision party for my partner's birthday. It's a chance to see all our friends and celebrate together. Names and countries are put into hats and everyone's drawn a country to dress up as. Since we're the hosts, we dressed up as Israel and our costume was Guess Who? I needed a green beret for my character Maria and I got one on eBay with less than a week to go until the party. I made a pair of drop earrings, put a swipe of lip tint on, and my costume was complete.

Something I don't talk about much is my love of games, it's one of my favourite ways to relax and unwind. When my 3DS unexpectedly broke this month, I tried (and failed) to fix it. After confirming it was a lost cause, I turned to eBay to look for a second-hand replacement; within a week I had one in my hands. After a little cleaning it was looking brand new and I'd saved myself over £100 buying it pre-owned.

A few other items I purchased included a three-way meter (to measure moisture in soil), a stew pot (purchased to be used as a planter), and a Le Parfait jar (for homemade pickles). I've ticked everything off my thrifting wishlist so I think another no buy month is on the horizon!

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