June Update: A Year Of Second-Hand Shopping Challenge

June Update: A Year Of Second-Hand Shopping Challenge

Purchases I made in June:

Before I Go To Sleep from a charity shop - 99p (RRP: £8.99)
Lullaby from a charity shop - 99p (RRP: £8.99)
Dune from a charity shop - £1.50 (RRP: £8.99)
The Martian from a charity shop - £2 (RRP: £7.99)
Uniqlo Linen Trousers from eBay - £7.00 (RRP: £24.90)
Little Salt Pot from a charity shop - 99p (RRP: £10-£15)
Vintage Summer Hat from a charity shop - 99p (RRP: £20-£25)
Nippies Skin from a charity shop - £2.99 (RRP: £25)

Only a handful of items this month: a few books (which I quickly read and passed on), another pair of trousers, my dream summer hat, and a little salt pot. All I'm looking for now is a belt, I own one but it’s bulky and too big. I’m not in any rush but if I see one I like I’ll pick it up. The trousers I’m going to put to one side if/when one of the other pairs wear out. I find Uniqlo clothing doesn’t last too long; having a back-up pair seemed like a good investment especially since all three pairs cost me less than a single pair brand new!

This month is the first time I've felt an urge shop for something new. There's nothing I really need except maybe some basic tees (I've somehow damaged my favourite box-cut tee); I'm just feeling tempted by the $ in Everlane my account. If you are in need of any basics, the sale is a pretty good opportunity to save a bit of money especially if you’re outside the US where you have to pay import duties. If you're curious about quality and fit, read my Everlane review.

I'm feeling like my wardrobe is complete and I'm pretty confident I could go the rest of the year without buying any more second-hand clothes. A bold claim! I think I might participate in another no spend challenge. July is my birthday month so I’d probably stick to similar rules as the ones I set for my last no spend challenge, maybe with a few tweaks.

If you're interested in challenging your own shopping habits, I encourage you join in with the Slow Fashion Season and my #AYearOfSecondHand, or at least #NoBuyJuly. Even if it's only for a few weeks or months, reducing the amount of new clothes you buy will reduce your environmental impact.

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