Week Notes #135: Inspiring Links

Week Notes: Inspiring Links

A round-up of the month in links.


  • Plastic-free doesn't always mean better

  • A guide to starting zero waste

  • Questions about climate change and diet

  • Are these brands really sustainable?

  • Recycling legitimises consumption

  • Fashion and climate change are linked

  • Ways to say "no" when you want to save money

  • Is zero waste putting more pressure on women?

  • Depressingly 80% of discarded textiles are sent to landfill

  • The gender politics of going zero waste

  • The problem isn't the latte

  • An important read about influencer inclusivity

  • Tidying up has caused a flood of donations no one wants

  • Buying eco-friendly stuff doesn't solve the problem

  • Sew your own produce bags

  • Stop decluttering over and over

  • Don't call me a consumer

  • Stop being busy and just do nothing

  • How to be more generous

  • A personal guide to shopping sustainably

  • For when you fail at zero waste

  • The illusion of choice

  • There is too much stuff

  • Civilization will end in 2050

  • Slow living in a big city

In Case You Missed It

  • Travel Accessories

  • Social Media Detox

  • Planning A Capsule Wardrobe

  • How To Stop Junk Mail

  • A Year Of Second-Hand: May Update

  • Creating A Makeup Capsule

  • Houseplant Questions

  • Vegan Footwear

  • How To Dye Clothes

  • A Slow Travel Checklist

  • Refresh For Spring