The Book List #10

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell | Goddess by Anthony Summers

This was the second time I attempted to read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and the second time I gave up; I felt there was little use in wasting my time reading a book I wasn't enjoying. I can't comment too much on the book since I barely put a dent in the five hundred pages and judging a book on the mere two hundred read wouldn't be fair. All I will say is, I couldn't submerge myself in the narrative style nor the characters I found within it.

I recently watched Love, Marilyn and it made me so unbelievably sad, I couldn't stop thinking about Norma Jeane Mortenson and how the Marilyn Monroe persona consumed Norma's life. So I rescued Goddess by Anthony Summers from the top shelf of my bookcase (the shelf usually reserved for unwanted books) and started reading. It's hard to know what to believe about Marilyn (Norma Jean); on one hand I saw the victim of the media, a woman who was desperate only to love and be loved, and on the other I saw an incredibly provocative woman with serious mental health issues. I feel no closer to understanding the legend of Marilyn Monroe, however, both the book and the film were incredibly captivating, as was Marilyn herself.

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