About A Considered Life

Hello, I'm Sophie

I'm a writer, jeweller, and plant collector based in Birmingham, UK. I've been writing about simple living and sustainability for almost ten years; documenting my life as a creative freelancer exploring eco-habits and conscious living. I was born on the Kent coast in a tiny village but have lived in the West Midlands for several years now. While I live in Birmingham and love the city life, I travel around for work and to explore quieter places to visit with my partner.

I run a jewellery brand called Oh My Clumsy Heart. I started the business in 2012, after the frustrating realisation that high quality jewellery that is affordable, made to last, and eco-conscious was nearly impossible to find. This was my springboard into sustainable style leading me to quit fast fashion, learn about environmental issues, and become a freelance writer and full-time jeweller.

About A Considered Life

This is a space to inspire and encourage you to embrace life in a way that is more purposeful, sustainable, and compassionate—however that looks for you. Whether that's through easy-to-adopt eco-friendly habits and switching to a cruelty-free beauty routine. Perhaps you want to learn how to create a capsule wardrobe by thrifting. Or maybe you want to simplify your life or slow down your travel plans. I write in a way that is inclusive and realistic in the hope that what I share will inspire you to make changes that are sustainable for both you and the planet, no matter what your life looks like.

Work With Me

I have worked as a freelance writer for a variety of brands and publications from large global businesses to small, independent brands. I cover a range of topics including lifestyle, fashion, and travel with a focus on sustainability.

I'm available to write for your brand or business, either here on A Considered Life as a sponsored post offering honest and independent product reviews. I can be a guest writer on your blog, or write web copy and product descriptions for your online business.

If you would like to work with me and/or advertise on A Considered Life, please get in touch to request a media kit with services and rates: sophie@aconsideredlife.co.uk.


Writing articles for free on a regular basis is time-consuming and costly. In order to keep this website going, I am very occasionally paid by brands to write for them. These articles are clearly marked as advertisements. To learn more about how I work with brands, click here. If you find my writing useful, entertaining, or informative, and would like to keep advertisements to a minimum; please consider sharing your support by buying me a virtual coffee.

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