The Disclaimer

I share ethical and cruelty-free brands to encourage people to make more compassionate consumer choices. I don’t want to encourage people to buy stuff they don’t need so I can make money from advertising space, sidebar ads, or affiliate schemes. I only promote brands whose ethics I trust and whose products I love.

I try not to encourage needless consumerism and I carefully consider every brand or product before sharing it. I'm keen to only support ethical businesses, especially independent ones, but when I do showcase big name brands I take into consideration their ethical policies before endorsing their products. I'm not perfect, I make mistakes. I'm always striving to learn as I grow so I can live with less and encourage others to do so too.

I'm always excited to hear from and collaborate with like-minded makers, brands, and businesses who share the same values as A Considered Life. If you would like to work together, please visit the collaborate page for more information.


I want to continue creating valuable content without compromising the ethics this blog stands for and promotes. Becoming a supporter helps keep this blog ad-free. If you enjoy reading A Considered Life, want to support it and get extra content, please consider becoming a patron. Alternatively you can gift a one-off donation via PayPal or Ko-Fi, buy one of my eBooks, or shop my jewellery.

Gifted Items

Any items gifted to me are 'for consideration' without any obligation to feature them. If I do feature gifted items, they are clearly marked with either an asterisk or ℅ label on their first appearance, and the line 'Some items in this post were gifted from ... without obligation to share.' Anything I write about gifted items are in my own words from my own experience. All reviews are honest, open, and transparent and only products I feel would appeal to or be of interest to readers are featured.

Sponsored Advertisements

Very rarely do I partner with brands to create paid-for advertisements. When I do, this content is always written by me and is clearly marked as an advertisement with [AD] in the title and the line 'This is a sponsored advertisement with...' at the beginning of the post. Accepting payment for advertorial content allows me to invest money back into the blog.

Banners, Sidebar Ads, and Affiliate Links

This blog does not sell banner or sidebar ads. Occasionally I use referral links and codes, which you can use to get a discount or earn money back; these links and codes will be clearly marked. I only agree to be an affiliate with brands I've purchased from and attest to the quality of their products. I am an affiliate of Everlane and Organic Basics.

My disclaimer is in accordance with the ASA rules and CMA guidelines.

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