The Basic Minimal Wardrobe

Everyone's basic minimal wardrobe will look different; what one person loves to wear, another will hate. Telling you what you should buy makes little sense, instead I'm sharing the basics of my own minimal wardrobe to give you an idea of how to create the building blocks of your own.

However, the basics principles remain to the same for all: versatile everyday basics, investment in quality over quality, smart timeless pieces, and seasonally appropriate or adaptable choices for layering.

DRESSES | always versatile
- casual dress
- smart dress
- smart-to-casual dress
- knee-length skirt

TOPS | everyday basics
- shirt/blouse
- black cardigan
- black jumper
- black and nude long-sleeved top
- black and nude sleeveless top

UNDERWEAR | it's all about comfort
- soft cup bras
- black and nude/white slip
- thick black tights
- black tights
- nude tights
- black socks

COATS | worthwhile investments
- winter coat
- smart lightweight coat
- summer jacket

SHOES | smart and comfortable
- flats/slipper shoes
- black shoes
- ankle boots

ACCESSORIES | timeless pieces
- small bag
- clutch
- belt
- patterned scarf
- detachable collar

OTHER | seasonably appropriate
- swimsuit
- scarf
- gloves