National Museum of Scotland

June 12, 2014

Unfortunately the museums and galleries we visited were incredibly dark or had peculiar yellow lighting that, if I am honest, is just not worth the time spent correcting it during editing so these are the only good shots I bothered taking.

The National Museum of Scotland was a beautiful building and I think I preferred the exhibits that lined the main hall walls than the taxidermy section, which is very unlike me. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum had some amazing taxidermy exhibits but was far too dark take to take any photographs of, which was a huge disappointment and the Sharmanka Kinketic Theatre banned photography, which made me incredibly sad. On the whole, disappointing on the photography front but the museums and galleries were awesome to see regardless and well worth visiting.

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  1. I don't care what city you live in you must visit a museum! It is always disappointing about ban on photography, what chiefly a lot of museums do! Great photographs I otherwise.

  2. Janine Maral6/13/2014

    Those are some insane creatures! That's why I love museums, it allows us to acknowledge our history and embrace our earth!

    Janine Maral from

  3. Lauren Aitchison6/13/2014

    My favourite building as a child. I was obsessed with all the stuffed animals! I hope they never get rid of them.

  4. It's just a shame it's so dark! I know they have to keep the lights low to preserve the taxidermy but it was so hard to photograph.

  5. Museums are my favourite part of holidays :))

  6. Absolutely! I totally agree.


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