How To Read More: The Secret To Reading A Lot Of Books

How To Read More

Reading is important, so if you enjoy it, if you want to read more - make time for it. You're really not as busy as you say you are - if you really want to read more, you'll find the time. There are loads of little ways of sneaking in a few extra pages: Queuing? Read. Walking somewhere? Read. Commuting? Read. Instead of watching another one of those TV programmes you're not really interested in but it's on TV so you'll watch it anyway? Read.

1. Make it a daily habit
2. Carry a book with you everywhere
3. Buy an eReader or use your phone as one
4. Keep track of all your books
5. Have a to-read list & get your next book lined up
6. Mix up your genres, keeps things varied
7. Set a daily page target & a yearly book challenge
8. Document your reading
9. Review books you've read
10. Get involved - join a book club
11. Read everywhere and anywhere