You Can't Do Everything And That's OK

I like saying "yes" to things; I like saying "yes" so much that I often take on too much. Last year I said "yes" to a lot, I agreed to selling at more markets than I could physically handle alongside wholesale and shop orders, and it ended up being a huge struggle. For the longest time ever I said "yes" to working two full time jobs and most recently I said "yes" to a lot of side projects because I feared the question: "what if I don't?" What if I don't take this great opportunity? What if I say "no" and I regret it?

I don't like failing and I don't like saying "no." I fear the regret of turning down opportunities that may not come up again. But what I've realised is, you can't do everything and that's OK. If you say "yes" to everything that comes along, you're also saying "yes" to compromising your time and energy.

When I said "yes" to working two full time jobs; when I said "yes" to all those markets last year; when I said "yes" to working side projects and copy-writing for other people, I was saying "no" to investing my time and energy in my own business. I was saying "no" to taking proper breaks and enjoying personal downtime. Every moment I spent doing someone else's work I was neglecting my own.

Sometimes it's worth working that little bit harder for a period of time; it's exciting to do new things and experience challenges but over-committing yourself runs the risk of spreading yourself too thin and doing a less than adequate job. There will always be exciting new opportunities in the future, when you have more time to say "yes."

You can't do everything all the time and that's OK.