The Book List #22

October 08, 2014

The Book List #22

Naomi's Room by Jonathan Aycliffe
year: 1991 | pages: 224 | rating: 5/5

This book started my October reading off with an almighty bang; Naomi's Room is a fantastic horror story in the old fashioned style that sends tingles down your spine; I was absolutely gripped from start to finish. When his four-year-old daughter, Naomi, dies, Charles is tormented by grief and starts to hear whispers and footsteps in the house. Old secrets start to come to light as Charles begins unravelling the horrifying history of his house.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
year: 1959 | pages: 182 | rating: 2/5

This was a bit of a snooze fest.. slow, tedious, and not at all scary. Perhaps reading The Haunting of Hill House straight after Naomi's Room was a bad move on my part, but it left me feeling less than enthusiastic about this review. Dr. Montague, with his interest in hauntings, invites three people - Theodora, Eleanor, and Luke - to spend the night at Hill House, a house which is said to be haunted by an evil presence. I found the characters peculiar and unbelievable, and the whole story fell flat for me.

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  1. What a lovely review. I don't usually read horror but I added Naomi's Room to my library immediately, looking very forward to reading it.

    Kelly | secondhandspring

  2. Every time I read your book posts I think I add another one to my Goodreads list so I don't forget. Naomi's Room sounds like something I would enjoy, let's just hope it doesn't give me too much of the creeps! :)

  3. I think I've seen a copy of Naomi's Room from a book store nearby that sells inexpensive books. Maybe I'll try checking it out and grab it if it's still there. The book sounds interesting!

  4. It's honestly a fantastic book, I'd definitely recommend reading it! :))

  5. It made me feel VERY creepy.. I had to finish the book in one go because there was no way I was going to go to sleep not knowing how that book ended!

  6. I'm not hugely into horror, I like old school horror stories (and Naomi's Room is just that!) and good horror films but for most of the year I read other stuff :))

  7. Kelly Loija10/09/2014

    Shirley Jackson is a gem, I would recommend "We Have Always Lived in the Castle". Defiantly going to be picking up "Naomi's Room" soon!

  8. I've read 'We Have Always Lived in the Castle' and.. I wasn't impressed, unfortunately! That's two books by Shirley Jackson I don't think are as great as the reviews. Sorry! Naomi's Room really is fantastic though, a traditional ghost story.


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