How I Keep Organised and Productive

How I Keep Organised and Productive

I have developed a personal routine
Building a solid, personalised routine is the key to productivity; I have a daily routine that takes advantage of my most productive working hours, creates "associative triggers" that prompt my creativity, and accommodates my energy levels.

I am realistic about what I can achieve
Over time I have learned how much I can realistically expect myself to get done in a single day. So instead of fretting over a daunting and endless to-do list, I focus on the most important "I must get this done today" tasks and forget everything else until tomorrow.

I prioritise my workload
I dedicate my most productive hours to working on meaningful creative work. I leave the rest of my day free to deal with the less important tasks such as answering emails, making phone calls, and packaging orders.

I have an editorial calendar
I draft, create, and schedule content for the blog and plan marketing for the business up to three months in advance. Planning in advance means less pressure and much more breathing room on a daily basis; editorial calendars make you more consistent and intentional with your work.

I know when to take a break
Renewing our creative energy is just as important as working hard on creative pursuits. Working long hours day on day is unproductive and destructive to creativity. I work a limited number of hours per day at maximum potential, and take regular breaks to renew my energy. I'm happier, healthier, and more productive because of it.