Directionless: For When You Feel Like You’re The Only One

Directionless: For When You Feel Like You’re The Only One

Nobody knows what the hell they are doing.
We are all just winging it.

If you feel like you do not know what you are doing; if you feel as though you are the only one who doesn't know you want from the future - know that you are not alone. Most of us go through life without a single clue about who we want to be, what we want to do, and where we are headed in life. Most of us are just waiting to see how it all pans out, taking chances and opportunities where we can.

We have a tendency to compare ourselves to everyone else. We wonder why we aren't as successful or intelligent or talented as others. We wonder why some people are so confident while we are scared of our own shadow. We wonder why others have it all worked out when we don't have a clue.

Appearances can be incredibly deceiving.
Even those who are considered to have "made it," internally feel like an imposter and a fraud.

Remember: "never compare your insides to somebody else's outsides."
For all you know, they could be feeling exactly the same.

Don't beat yourself up.
Don't be so self-critical.
Give yourself a break.
You don't have to have it all worked out, nobody else does.