How To Overcome A Creative Block

How To Overcome A Creative Block

Figure out what you’re trying to achieve
So you want to do something creative and you’re feeling that block? Maybe it’s because you don’t really know what you’re trying to achieve. Start from the end and work your way back to the beginning; ask yourself what your goal is and think about how you can achieve it.

Stop worrying about it being perfect
It’s frustrating to know in your head what you want to create but the process of getting it out into a tangible form can be daunting and messy. Your initial first drafts can be sketchy and vague, which makes you doubt how good your idea really was. But that’s all part of the creative process; getting an idea out means you can play around with it and see how it can work. Stop worrying about the final product being perfect and just go with it.

Just keep going - Finish what you started
When you’re not feeling creative and things aren’t working out, the easy option is to give in to that creative block and simply quit trying. Sometimes it’s worth persevering, seeing things through, and keep going until whatever you’re working on is finished, you might surprise yourself..

Walk away - Do something else
Sometimes you really do just have to walk away. If you’re really not “feeling it,” go do something else. Pick up a book, work on another project, move away from the computer screen or desk, and it’s almost certain, as soon as you concentrate on something else, inspiration will hit.

Change your environment
It could be as minor as leaving your desk to go sit on the couch or as extreme as going travelling. Changing your environment can have a dramatic effect on breaking that creative block. If you can’t get away from your work space, at least try to change it in some way - introduce something new like prints or plants or move the furniture around - give yourself a new perspective.

Break your routine
Wake up tomorrow and do everything differently; break the routine that usually works in your favour and in turn it could help break your creative block.