Studio Playlist: Podcasts

Studio Playlist: Podcasts

I do not have wi-fi in the studio, which is both a blessing and a curse. Not being able to access the internet gives me breathing space to switch off and completely focus on work. As soon as I step into the studio, opening iTunes and pressing play on the latest podcasts is the first thing I do. I've been listening to podcasts for years and having them on as background "noise" keeps me feeling inspired and helps those hours spent in the studio fly by.

Top Five Favourites

This Is Actually Happening | Each podcast starts with the question “what if…” and explores what happens when everything changes in one person's life. Each episode reveals a shocking, inspiring, disturbing, or heartbreaking story.

Criminal | This podcast series deals with stories of people who have committed or have been victims of crime. Intriguing and short, Criminal is totally worth listening to if you’re mourning the loss of Serial.

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews | They watch all the films so you don’t have to. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo discuss the latest film releases on BBC Radio 5 with weekly podcasts available every Friday.

The Accidental Creative | Informal yet informative podcasts about how to be a happy, productive creative. The series includes a mix of interviews and strong topical content.

Love + Radio | This is a tough one to describe, you just need to listen. In-depth conversations, interviews, and stories on a very broad range of subjects are shared on this unique podcast series.

Also Worth Listening To
** denotes my super favourites

Andy J Miller Podcast**
Being Boss
Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything
The Broad Experience
Dear Sugar Radio**
Duct Tape Marketing
Everything Is Stories
The Fresh Rag Show
Good Life Project
HBR IdeaCast
The Heart
Here Be Monsters**
The Lively Show
The Memory Palace
The Moth
Radial from WNYC
Raise Your Hand. Say Yes.
Reply All
Stuff You Should Know
This American Life
The Weekly Creative
Welcome to Night Vale
What's Your Story?**
Your Dreams My Nightmares**
99% Invisible