The Book List #32

The Book List #32

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
year: 2009 | pages: 2012 | rating: 2/5

Allan Karlsson escapes his birthday party at the old people's home where he lives, to go on an adventure. As the story progresses, not only does Allan steal a suitcase full of money, he encounters criminals and stupid police, but we also learn about his life and how it weaves in and out of some major events in history. Nothing about The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared stands out to me, which makes it an "OK-but-not-great" book. I didn't appreciate the humour or the way Jonas Jonasson writes and I wasn't really interested in the story or the way it was told.

Spook by Mary Roach
year: 2006 | pages: 311 | rating: 3/5

Mary Roach writes about some interesting topics in a somewhat light-hearted manner that makes reading her books fast and breezy. Spook is good, but not as good as Stiff, and the latter half was more exciting (to me) than the former, which dealt with souls and reincarnation and covered a lot of research I had already heard about. What I was most interested in was.. the ghosts. I don't have any belief in the paranormal but I am, inexplicably, interested in ghosties of late. Spook it a great read if you're curious about the afterlife and what happens when we die.

Music For Torching by A.M. Holes
year: 1998 | pages: 368 | rating: 3/5

Paul and Elaine are living the American good life except, they're "stuck" and they can't find a way of making things good again. A.M. Holes explores marriage, family life, and neighbours showing how outrageously flawed and somewhat lost, everyone appears to be. Music For Torching is reminiscent of Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates, a book I adore, yet while A.M. Holmes' writing style is spot on, the ending somewhat ruined it for me.