The Book List #35

The Book List #35

Black Hole by Charles Burns
year: 1995 | pages: 368 | rating: 4/5

A sexually transmitted mutant disease has started to infect suburban teenagers in the mid-1970s. The disease manifests itself through deformities ranging from the obvious and grotesque to the subtle and concealable. Either way, once you've got it there is no cure. Black Hole doesn't deal with fighting against a mutant plague but depicts the alienation felt by high schoolers that descends into despair. The artwork is amazing and adds an awesome sense of atmostphere to the story telling.

Probably Nothing by Matilda Tristram
year: 2014 | pages: 96 | rating: 3/5

Matilda Tristram was 17 weeks pregnant when she found out she had bowel cancer. Probably Nothing explores the feelings and fears of dealing with a life-threatening illness. This graphic novel will put all your petty worries into perspective and shows you should cherish life.

The Book List #35

The Small Hand by Susan Hill
year: 2010 | pages: 167 | rating: 3/5

Adam Snow discovers an old derelict house when he takes a wrong turn, after exploring inside he feels an ominous presence and the sensation of a small hand holding his own. The presence follows him from there on out and leads Adam to discovers something dark lurking in his family's history. Not as spooky as I was hoping for but an enjoyable and quick read regardless.

Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill
year: 2014 | pages: 182 | rating: 5/5

Dept. of Speculation is a beautifully written book about love and longing; it's about speculating and ruminating; it's about falling in and out of love. It's heartbreakingly sad but in a warm, familiar way. There are few characters and no names, which makes everything seem more personal in a strange sort of way. Dept. of Speculation is one of those books that is tough to describe but you'll tell everyone you meet to read it.