The Things that Bring the Most Joy at Work

The Things That Bring The Most Joy At Work

I’ve already shared the things that bring the most joy at home, however, I spend a lot of time in the studio and the things that bring me the most joy there are often the ones that have the biggest impact.

Being Creative Every Day
I feel very privileged to have a job that requires me to be creative on a daily basis and I don’t take it for granted, not even for one second. Although it’s a misconception that designer-makers spend all day making nice things (we actually spend most of our time doing a lot more boring things) I do spend at least a little part of each day doing something creative. Whether it’s working on product development, taking photographs, or playing with new ideas, being creative is something that brings a lot of joy to my life.

Physical Space
I’m not talking about the physical space of the studio itself but actually having a studio to begin with. For the longest of times I was working in a tiny bedroom with not much light and space was tight, it prevented me from working in the way I knew I should be. The studio, although small, has bought me a lot of joy; it’s given me room to expand the shop and work in comfort. The studio is like a little work bubble, I can retreat into it, put my head down and really get the work done.

Connecting with Creative People
Something that brings me a lot of joy is connecting with other creatives, even if it’s simply enjoying the work they produce, that connectivity is incredibly important. I have met some wonderful people with exceptional talents; surrounding yourself with people who care passionately about creativity is a way of keeping ourselves inspired, it sparks joy and helps encourage us to achieve our goals.

Being Organised
In the past, I’ve really struggled to be organised, yet one of the things I quickly learned about running a business is, to be successful, you’ve got to be good at organising. Now I really enjoy setting goals, revisiting my business plan, and the general process of planning. I find it reassuring to have a good idea of what I need to focus on each month, a solid monthly plan, and day-to-day tasks lists that help keep me on track.

Creating Something that Sparks Joy
One of the absolute most wonderful things about my job is creating jewellery that other people love as much as I do. It’s a feeling that never gets old and it’s even better when someone goes out of their way to tell you they love what you do.